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Support Us

To propel the visions of Gym Grindz Fit, our goal is to raise $60,000. This funding will be allocated to improving:

1. Equipment : Purchase Essential Fitness Equipment To Improve The Quality Of Training & Training Programs

2. Marketing & Promotions

  • Spread knowledge about Gym Grindz brand—products and services

  • Improving social media presence to promote Gym Grindz (Business page on IG)

  • Curating promotional videos

  • Maintenance of Gym Grindz website

3. Facility: Acquire A Gym Grindz Fit Home Training Facility

*A home facility solely for Gym Grindz services and advanced training

$15+ "Thank You" note & Tchotchke

$25+ Receive 1 Free Gym Grindz Fit T-Shirt

$50+ Receive 1 PT Session

$75+ Receive 1 PT Session/Nutrition Consult

$150+ Receive 4 PT Sessions/Nutrition Consult

$300+ Receive 6 PT Sessions

$500+ Receive 10 PT Sessions/Grindz Gear

$1000+ Receive 15 PT Sessions, Fitness Class, Nutrition Consultation, Grindz gear

Thank you!

Your friend,

Durron J. Newman

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